January 29, 2013

one button tutorial part 2 placing the button

Stitch across the folded cords several times. Keep the cord even and the stitching firm.

Lay out the loop you just created on the PVC mold to find out where the button needs to be located. Allow some slack (don't make it too snug).

Attach the button:

Pass the nylon thread up through the folded cord and place through the button holes, then back down through the fold.
Add 3-4 passes of thread to the button. Leave about 1/8" gap between the button and the folded cord to allow room for the loop to fit.

Pass the needle sideways through the folded cord on the last move so it near the inside end of the folded cords. Later you will use this to bind the infill cords using the edge-stitching technique.
Place the completed loop on the mold and position on the button as shown. The loop should fit loosely on the mold. The nylon thread should be near the top of the loop as shown.

Hint: It's a good idea to pre-measure the loop size before you place the button and make any adjustments before stitching the button in place.

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