April 13, 2013

hybrid weave turks head knot bracelet white nylon 2758

 This is a 14 bight x 15 part x 2 strand compound or hybrid weave turks head knot made with ordinary 1/8" white nylon cord.

The weave pattern is:
U2-O2-u1-o1-u1-o1-u1-o1-U2-O2+running part

U = "under"
O= "over"

The layout was done on a 10-1/2" cardboard tube using about 30 ft of cord

The edges come out with the thicker double layer of cord while the center area is thinner, roughly this shape:
  ________                               _________

Here's a similar design you might like:

Extra wide hybrid weave bracelet
This design can be easily slipped on and worked up to a 7 3/4" (195 mm) wrist size

Similar designs can be found in the Etsy online shop section white rope bracelets.

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