September 21, 2013

beaded turks head knot bracelet 3062

 Here's another beaded knot bracelet made with hand dyed cotton cord and seed beads.

The cord is a 3 mm smooth surface cotton that has been dyed a tan/taupe color. Read more about the small batch dye process here.

The beads are 8/0 Toho seed beads strung on 4 ply high strength nylon thread.
 The bracelet is constructed with the two outer strands. The beads are strung on the thread then interwoven into the two strand knot. Read more about Placing the center strand here.

I like the sympathetic color relationship between the beads and the cord color. This is a "small" size bracelet made to demonstrate the concept and color. Larger sizes can be made to order.

                  Available here

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beaded turks head knot bracelet

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