August 30, 2014

handmade rope necklace with eye splice and button 3400

 Using a bench top rope machine with some cotton twine and a custom made three hole button this nautical rope necklace project shows off several techniques.

The rope is made from a single piece of #18 cotton twine looped through the button six times (three doubled strands) and wound on the machine.

The button is positioned at the standing end of the rope. The doubled loops hold it securely without extra knots.
 The button is polymer clay made in a countertop toaster oven with three oversize holes to accept the doubled strands of cord.

The eye-splice is a three part overlap  terminated with a coach whipping made from waxed thread.

Inside circumference is 26" fully extended or about 7 1/2" when wrapped three times.

Finished rope is a square section about 1/4"
Made on commission this piece is an example of the handmade rope accessories available through WhatKnotShop

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August 29, 2014

single button cuff grey, red, blue with wood beads 3402

 One button cuff made with grey cotton framing cord and a row of dark wood beads was made for a customer who wanted a smaller size bracelet made to her color specifications.

The wood beads are 3 mm diameter and are stitched into the bracelet with the compression edge stitching technique.
 The button engages the loop made by the framing cords and can be easily undone with one hand. The interior cords form a soft edge that holds the button in place securely when closed.
Dark blue cotton cords emphasize the dark wood beads.

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August 28, 2014

three pink grommet bracelets 3402

 Soft laid cotton cord (hardware store variety) hand dyed middle pink and worked into three small grommet bracelets.

Waxed cotton thread is used to create the coach-whipping detail.
 Sizes range from small to small…
5 1/2", 5 3/4", 6"

One went with a custom order, the other two are waiting for a home.
Pink is a classic color that has been appropriated by various causes (breast cancer research, etc.) but remains a popular choice for summer fun.

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August 24, 2014

white paracord herringbone 3382

 Sometimes the smallest material used in the simplest way can produce the most impact. This is what makes these narrow herringbone turks head bracelets so appealing.

There is only a single piece of cord in this example a segment of bright white 325 paracord, worked up into a five part herringbone design.
 Each part passes over two and under two creating the distinctive herringbone "V" pattern. The loose ends are bound together with waxed thread to secure them from unraveling.

The weave has a natural flexibility enabling these types of bracelets to stretch out quite a bit then relax to their native smaller size.
The paracord is soft to the touch but very tough material. Like other types of paracord this will shrink when the inner fibers get wet and take a "set" after it dries out. This lighter gauge material is nicely propositioned for these smaller projects.

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August 22, 2014

black paracord rope bracelet 3384

 Black paracord is a classic choice for making rugged rope bracelets like this herringbone weave design. The material is a 325 paracord which is thinner than the 550 material. This continuous weave has no hardware or clips.
 The design is a 29x5x2 herringbone weave drawn up to a firm shape. Size is a "small" measuring about 6 7/8" (274 mm) but the herringbone weave allows for a lot of natural stretch. This enables the bracelet to stretch out to fit over the bigger part of you hand then return to it's relaxed shape to fit more snugly on the wrist.
Paacord tends to shrink when it gets wet as the inner fibers absorb moisture and re-position. Nylon dries quickly and can be re-stretched to it;s original dimension.

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August 21, 2014

white and navy rope bracelet 3383

 Classic nautical colors of bright white and navy blue made into a small rope bracelet. The material is 325 paracord which is a smaller diameter lighter weight material than the more common 550 variety. This smaller size makes this the perfect choice for people with smaller hands.
 Paracord is made from a fiber core covered with a woven sheath which provides a consistent smooth and colorful stock of material. The popular "survival bracelets" are made from this material. Available  in a huge range of colors paracord is easy to work with making these bracelets.

These knotted bracelets have no clips or other hardware, just a continuous weave pattern. Can you spot the ends?
Size of this bracelet is 6 1/4" (158 mm) inside circumference. The paracord will tend to shrink when it gets wet so this one would be just right for a teen or small adult wrist.

              available here

Other sizes and colors are available made-to-order here.

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August 20, 2014

distressed cord choker style necklace 3380

 Simple geometrical shape choker style necklace made from recovered distressed nylon cord. The material was salvaged from an ocean beach, washed and sanitized then made into this simple everyday accessory.

The material has an even frayed texture from the hard wearing sea-duty as a pot warp.

 The ends are connected with a snap-together barrel fastener. Size is approx 16 1/2" (420 mm)

Materials are naturally rugged so this accessory can go climbing, swimming, or wherever without care.
Color is an off-white or light grey. The barrel clasp is black.

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August 19, 2014

Pair of adjustable nylon cuffs 3379

 This is a matched pair of turks head knot cuffs made out of a single piece of 1/8" braided nylon cord.

 The weave design is 13x9x2 double diamond which creates a nicely proportioned size. They measure about 7 1/2" (191 mm) inside circumference in the relaxed  size shown here. The loose weave will allow someone with adults size hands to flex them on over the thumb.
The ends of the cords are left loose (not bound together) so these cuffs can be slipped on an adjusted to a sung fit on your wrist. It's easy to work up the desired size by chasing the slack through the knot to the ends.

                         available here

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August 17, 2014

Sunset over Stockton Island Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

Sunset over Stockton Island. Part of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore the calm water on Presque Isle Bay provides a generous anchorage for visiting boats.

photograph copyright 2014 by George Hutchinson

August 11, 2014

outer island light Apostle Islands Lake Superior

Outer Island light located on the northern tip of Outer Island part of the Apostle Island National Lakeshore. More historical details here.

The tower and keepers quarters are constructed of brick in an Italianate architectural style completed in 1874. Originally equipped with a third order Fresnel lens made of six bulls-eyes revolving once every nine minutes creating a flash every 90 seconds. This lens has since been replaced with an LED source. The lantern stands 86 ft above grade but is on a bluff so the focal plane is 130 ft above the lake.

A tram system descends to a concrete landing on the lakeshore enabling equipment and supplies to be off-loaded and moved up the bluff. Restoration work is underway on the buildings and bluff to preserve this national historic landmark site.

photo copyright 2014 by George Hutchinson