November 27, 2016

wrap rope bracelet or necklace of hand twisted rope 4064

 Hand twisted rope made from cotton butcher twine in four pairs creates a 4 mm square rope that is easy to work into a multi-wrap bracelet. The pair of holes in clay button secures the loop ends of the yarns.

The rope machine is a small bench top size which can create finished segments of about 76" length. These wrap bracelets are about 42" not including the loop.

The waxed thread whipping secures the loop.
 Here are some other wrap bracelet designs you might like:

handmade rope with dragon tooth button

handmade rope with cork buttons

blue handmade rope wrap bracelet with button

wrap bracelet or two loop necklace  
This design and other hand twisted rope ideas can be found in the ETSY shop. Special orders are available for custom sizes and colors.

design and photographs copyright 2016

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