March 18, 2017

multi color rainbow string weave cuff 4121

This cuff really is made with string - the variegated color of the weft comes from the use of dyed cordage that has been unwound exposing the color gradient within each of the yarns.

These pieces of partially dyed cotton yarn then are used in a tapestry weave on an eight strand warp.

(Now I know where the term "warp core" originated …beam me up Scotty!)
So here you can see the variegated color effects of the weft strands within the color fields. The button is a poly clay boulder button, readers of this blog had seen these on other bracelets. These are custom made with two oversize holes. The rounded shape passes smoothly thought the loops but stays put when engaged.

Size 7 to 7 1/2" (178 mm - 191 mm) internal circumference

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If you want to see how these are made check this multi part tutorial it has pictures…

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