June 11, 2010

new fiber wrapped bracelets and necklaces

Three flexible cotton fiber wrapped bracelets 180

Nylon cord is worked in a three part grommet, the ends are left loose but feathered to overlap slightly. The cotton fiber is from up cycled cut off ends of three part cotton cord that has been un-laid revealing the dye penetration pattern.

Ends of the cotton strands are placed between plies of the grommet then tightly would around the core similar to the craft of serving a piece of heavy line. The rhyme and rule is: "worm and parcel with the lay; turn and serve the other way"

This item is available for sale here.

This on is a muli-color flexible bracelet cat no 107 made with some grey cotton with finer cotton floss added as accent colors.

This item is available for sale here.

The loose ends are passed inside the grommet and tensioned then cut off flush with the surface.
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