June 22, 2010

three sailor bracelets in copper green 702, 703, 704

A set of three classic turks head sailor bracelets made with hand dyed twisted cotton cord. The color is a copper green made by diluting the concentrated dye packet and limiting the time the cord remains immersed in the dye solution.

It's pretty amazing how much color range is available from a single colored dye packet. Even within the cord hank as it is immersed there are slight variations in color. Some areas take a bit more pigment, others less which creates a pleasing variation

The color will continue aging as the bracelet is worn. Repeated wettings can cause the color to fade even more giving the bracelet that "forever" look.

The small one is 14 bights, child or tween
The medium one is 17 bights, older teens and women
The large one is 20 bights, adult males and knuckle draggers (guys you know who you are...)

Each is made with three passes and worked to a firm shape. There remains some stretch in the material as the cord is naturally elastic.

These were photographed with the working ends in place although there isn't much slack to work out of the weave.

A note for the photography class: the background is actually a grey cardboard although the color in the photos appears to be light purple. White balance was set prior to the shoot with the light sources fully warmed up. (3600K CFL lamps)

design and photos copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop

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