December 3, 2014

turks head tutorials and DIY materials

Classic three part rope bracelet - There are any number of tutorials showing how to do this most basic design. Here are a few that I like:
Jan Brett's Sailor Bracelet site is a nice simple single page illustration of how to make a classic three part rope bracelet. 

Alan Folsom's page is another great source for instructions on tying turks heads. How to Tie a Turkshead will get you started. (click on the link then select from the list on the left side of the page)

This Panda Hall site is one of many that show the process using a satin cord to make a low profile three part bracelet:
How to Tie a Sailor Knot Friendship Bracelet with Only One Rope

If you need materials this kit will provide a 10 ft piece of cotton cord and my one-page published instruction sheet:
DIY rope bracelet kit

A slightly more complex four part turks head knot is shown in this illustrated tutorial:
11x4x3 turks head knot tutorial

For those of you advanced knotters this 13 part tutorial will challenge your hand-eye coordination:
building a 13 part turks head bracelet

If you are looking for a more unusual design try this herringbone weave tutorial:
Making a herringbone pattern bracelet

These bigger projects require more cord that the basic kits so you may want to order in bulk. This listing offers a choice of colors in longer lengths suitable for the 13 part and herringbone projects or as a way to economize for a knotting party.

bulk cotton cord

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