May 11, 2015

replica copper coil bracelet 3581

 Made from heavy copper wire this replica bracelet is very similar to the coil bracelets worn by native people in Africa and widely seen in photos of these groups. This replica was used as a costume prop and has minor surface oxidation. The material is a 6 gauge soft copper wire that may be easily adjusted to a comfortable size on the forearm. Substantial weight. Shape is roughly cylindrical and is designed to be shaped to fit when worn. Ends have been rounded for safety and comfort.
 the geometry:
8 1/4" (209 mm) inside circumference (average)
2 3/4" (74 mm) inside diameter
4 3/8" (107 mm) wide

26 full circumferences with overlap

1 lb 10.5 oz (754 g)
available here

design and photographs © copyright 2015

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