May 12, 2015

wide open back PVC cuff bracelet 3562

 Substantial wide cuff bracelet with a simple circular pattern of incised marks with a tapered edge. Slips on easily over the wrist with the open back design. Circular form with a smooth interior is comfortable to wear alone or stack with as many thinner bangles as possible for a massive effect. Lightweight thermoplastic.
 the geometry
71/4" (185 mm) inside circumference
2 3/8" (61 mm) inside diameter
1 7/8" (49 mm) wide
1" (24 mm) opening

1.5 oz / 45 g

sculptured stained spiral bracelet
wide PVC cuff bracelet
pin locking PVC cuff
elemental form PVC bangle
sand dune sculpted bangle
massive bangle bracelet
wide oval pin locking anklet 
large bangle bracelet
double point PVC bangle

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