May 6, 2015

large bangle bracelet 3560

Oversize bangle that recalls the basic simple designs seen in heritage cultures of Africa made with modern thermoplastic materials. This massive bracelet is assembled from multiple concentric pieces of PVC pipe then shaped to form with hand tools creating a smooth but slightly irregular surface texture.
the geometry
7 7/8" (201 mm) inside circumference
2 1/2" (63 mm) inside diameter
1" (24 mm) wide

5 oz/143 g

sculptured stained spiral bracelet
wide PVC cuff bracelet
pin locking PVC cuff
elemental form PVC bangle
sand dune sculpted bangle
massive bangle bracelet
wide oval pin locking anklet 
wide open back PVC cuff
double point PVC bangle
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Part of the Handmade Artifacts  collection of traditional forms created in modern materials

design and photographs © copyright 2015

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