January 22, 2016

the royal navy dip dye pair special project 3823

Blue is the color of the oceans as seen from space and is also the subject of this dip-dye project. The two colors are very British: Royal (blue) and Navy (blue) hence the clever title of the post…

Top bracelet is the royal blue
Bottom bracelet is the navy blue

base material is off-white 100% cotton cord

more information about the hand dyed process

and even more background on dying cotton cord

Harder to see the color difference when the two are separated. The royal is a "bluer" blue with a bright graduated color. The navy is a more purple darker tone.

Both were immersed for about 20 minutes then left to dry before rinsing to help set the color.

crazy extra wide cuff with three colors

The ombre effect is limited in this pair. The dye did not creep up the fibers as much as expected.

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design and photographs copyright 2016

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