May 12, 2009

treasure hunt - can you name the location?

Name the location of the three turks heads in the photos and win a free item from the blog. Look carefully to spot them, they are not very large.

Enter your answer by posting a comment here. Comments posted on the blog will be the official log of entries for purposes of determining the first correct answer.

good luck!

May 9, 2009

17 part Turks head all cotton grey and purple item 169

All cotton cable cord (#72 size) custom hand dyed narragansett bay fog grey and coneflower purple worked in a medium sized turks head diamond pattern 17b x 5l x 3s. The grey cord forms the two outside strands and the purple accent color is the center strand.

inside diameter 2 1/2" (160 mm); circumference 7 1/2" (191 mm); width 1 1/4" (33 mm)

Will stretch slightly and shrink when wet.
This design can be made in a "small" and "large" size as well.

herringbone weave sailors knot rope bracelet 168

This all grey cotton herringbone weave slip-on rope bracelet is made from 3 mm cotton cord. The finished size is 2 3/8" (61 mm) diameter by 7 1/2" (190 mm) inside circumference by 5/8" (14 mm) wide will fit an adult medium to large hand.

A "narrow" turks head of 34b x 5l x 2s meaning that the number of bights (34) is much greater than the number of parts (5) giving this bracelet a hoop-like geometry.

Lightweight, flexible and subtle color make this a great summer accessory.
Expect some shrinkage when wet, the ends are stitched to prevent unraveling.

Check your slip-on size click here then select your favorite color from one of the online shops:

Custom orders are welcomed, please use the "request custom item" button

Design and photos copyright 2009 WhatKnotShop

May 8, 2009

Turks head bracelet in natural and grey item 151

This is a wider more convincing design with 9 leads x 13 bights x 3 passes or strands. The primary color is a natural cotton white (not too bright) with a hand dyed grey center accent. The material is a 3 mm braided cotton cord.

Size is 2 3/4" inside diameter by 7 1/2" inside circumference. The weave is relaxed so that this bracelet can stretch about 1/2" to slip onto a larger hand. There will be some shrinkage when wet. This is about 2" wide.

The ends are secured with floss to prevent unraveling.

grey cotton sailor's bracelet item 159

A traditional all cotton hand dyed grey sailor's bracelet measuring 2 3/8" (60 mm) diameter and 7 1/4" (180 mm) inside circumference and about 1" (23 mm) wide.

This will slip on to an adult "medium" sized hand and will shrink slightly when wet. Ends are secured with floss to prevent unraveling.

slender fiber art soft bangle up-cycled cotton fiber bracelet 167

Two lightweight passes of dawn light lavender accented with ocean, teal, and midnight made from all natural cotton cord hand dyed and assembled with cotton floss. This soft and flexible piece measures 2 5/8" (168 mm) diameter  and about 8 3/8" (212 mm) inside circumference suitable for an adult. 

check your slip-on size click here then select your favorite from one of these online shops:
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cotton fiber bracelet item 166

Here's another irregular colorful fiber bracelet made with a monkey fist closure, hand dyed cotton cord, and cotton floss. 

The size is 2 3/8" diameter or about 7 1/2" inside circumference and will fit an adult "medium" wrist. Colors are blue, green and lavender.

This is a one-of-a-kind piece made with all natural materials in a colorful relaxed style.

May 2, 2009

cotton fiber bracelet item 164

Three views of a new design made with hand dyed cotton cords bound together and wrapped with colored cotton floss. The shape is irregular and is naturally derived from the wrapping of the 3 mm cords and the edge binding. The colors are bright contrasting and vibrant. The floss wrapping at intersections and folds finishes the ends and adds more color. The closure is a three strand crown knot and loop toggle. This sample is an adult "extra large" but the design is easily adapted to smaller wrists or ankles. Assembly and finishing is done around a mold to create the circular form but the finished piece is flexible and soft.

Click on each image for a close up view.

fiber necklace & bracelets item 163

A set of three cotton fiber wrapped bangles and a choker style necklace all color coordinated. The cores are nylon and the wrappings are hand dyed cotton cord.

The bracelets are 2 7/8" diameter (174 mm) or adult "large" size in eggplant, scarlet, and grey with pumpkin and gold accents. The bangles are slip-ons.

The necklace is 6 1/2" diameter (237 mm) or about 19" long (47 cm) in scarlet red and grey with eggplant accents. The necklace is secured with a loop and monkey fist toggle.

To order this item or to request a similar design in alternate sizes or colors please visit the Etsy store and click on "Request a custom item" on the right side. Please include the item number for reference.