January 18, 2013

seaweed one button rope bracelet 2611

 The title suggests the inspiration: That bright colored stuff clinging to the bottom of the floats and half submerged rocks. Often seen through a few inches of seawater the color is filtered. This one button bracelet is made from all cotton materials found in my leftover scrap-box.

The framing cord is a white cotton braid but everything else is that rope-like twisted cable cord. Adds an interesting textured diagonal pattern to the fabric.
 The color mix is white with green, grey, and blue. The cotton cord takes the dye in a more subtle way so the colors tend to be muted almost pastel in quality. The grey warms up next to the cool greens and creates a nice simultaneous contrast that adds some energy but doesn't knock your eyes out.

The construction technique is shown starting with part one of a seven part tutorial.

Here's another one like this:
simple one button rope bracelet 2577

The edge binding squeezes this one into a narrow 7/8" (23 mm) width, not too big!

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Take a look in the fiber art design section of my Etsy shop to see this design as well as some other bigger and wilder variations.

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