January 22, 2013

stitch up tutorial part 1

 In this tutorial the process of securing the loose ends of a multi-strand turks head knot will be demonstrated.

You will need a #6 needle with 18" of high strength thread. Carpet thread or other heavy duty material will work best.

This photo shows the completed knot turned partially inside out to expose the overlapping cords. Make sure the cords are arranged even and parallel as in the example.
 Using the sewing needle and high strength thread push the needle through the parallel strands of the knot cord at a 90 degree angle as shown.

You may find it helpful to use a pliers to handle the needle as the cord may be rather dense and resist the passage of the needle.
 Draw the thread through the cords leaving about 1" or so. This loose end will be used later to tie off the thread.

 Push the needle back through the strands  parallel to the first pass.
This photo shows the first two passes of the needle with the thread loop left slack for clarity.

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