May 24, 2013

nylon hybrid weave turks head knot bracelet 2760

 Two weave patterns are combined in this interesting knot bracelet: Each edge has a herringbone (over 2-under 2) pattern which then shifts to a plain weave in the center.

This design is a "square" turks head with 14 bights and 15 parts.

Here is a related wider design.

The material is a 1/8" high density braided nylon cord which is a nice bright white color. This material is easy to work in the knot and unlike cotton tends to hold it's size without shrinking.

size relaxed:
7" (178 mm) inside circumference
2 1/4" (55 mm) inside diameter
2 3/4" (96 mm) wide

will stretch slightly to about 7 1/2"
The weave pattern is:
U2-O2-u1-o1-u1-o1-u1-o1-U2-O2 which has been doubled to bulk up the size.

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