March 2, 2017

Beginning the weave - String weave tapestry bracelet tutorial part 4

Part 4: Beginning the weave

The pattern is a so called "plain weave" which is the simplest over one - under one sequence.

Take a length of the thin dyed weft string and double it through another tapestry needle. I use an oversize needle for ease of handling. You may also use a piece cardboard as a shuttle instead of the needle.

Start at the loop end of the warp cords. Leave 1/2" open loop to allow for the button.

Draw the doubled string through the warp cords with a simple over-under pattern. Use the needle to help separate the warp strands as you work back and forth.
Turn the doubled cords over "ribbon style" at the edge keeping them parallel. Don't allow the string to cross over when you make the turn.

(Can you see the bad crossover in this photo?)

Keeping the pair of string (weft) cords aligned will make the finished work look nice and neat.

Use the simple over-under pattern as before and pull the slack through the weave and pack the weft together.

Initially the weave may be somewhat loose and appear disorganized. Leave a 6" piece on the end, we will use this later to terminate the weave.

Continue to work the paired weft string ribbon-style back and forth through the thicker warp strands. This shows the correct alignment of the paired weft strings.

After each pass firm up the tension on the weft by gently pulling the loose end. The spacing will be as shown with the crossover between the warp strands slightly smaller than the diameter of the warp strands themselves.

You may use the pliers or the tapestry needle to compress or pack the weave after each pass.

Getting an even tension takes practice...

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