February 23, 2017

Setting up the warp cords for bracelet size, tapestry bracelet tutorial part 2

Part 2: Setting up the warp cords for bracelet size:

This project uses the 3 mm cotton cord as the framework (warp cords) for the bracelet. In order to predict the final size accurately circular mold made of PVC pipe is used.

Center the 36" cord and place the button. If you are using an ordinary button you may sew it in place the center of the cord. I use waxed nylon thread for all this sort of structural work, you may use carpet thread or any other heavy duty material.

For this project the clay button has been placed in the center of the loop of cord. The button is made with two holes allowing it to be placed on the cord without need for stitches.
Place the button on the mold corresponding to the finished size for the bracelet. In this example a 2" diameter pvc pipe is used to create a finished size of about 7 1/2" or about 191 mm circumference.

You may use a cardboard tube or a small jar to set the size you want. A cloth tape measure is useful to measure circumference of both wrist and mold.

Loop the two ends around the button as shown. (They go in opposite directions)

Bring the tails back in the center between the two strands.

You can hold the whole thing together with your hands after some practice.
Tuck each loose end into a reverse loop up under the button as snug as you can and use one of the tapestry needles to secure them both in place.

This may take a bit of practice.

Make the two reverse loops even as shown.

Allow the ends to lie parallel in the outside gaps as shown.

Adjust the tension so the side segments are even and snug to the mold.

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