February 27, 2017

Setting up the loom - String weave tapestry bracelet tutorial part 3

Part 3: Setting up the loom

Here's where the warp cords are secured to the loom in preparation for the weaving process.

Unwrap the cord assembly from the tube mold and lay it out on the table. It should look something like this.

Your ends might be longer than the example, if so simply trim them off to the same approxomate length roughly 1 1/2" or so.
Here the warp assembly is placed on a simple loom. This loom is made of wood with pegs arranged on the working edges. This is a specialty tool you can make or buy.

On the loop end the both loops are placed over one of the pegs.

On the button end a spare length of cord is used to tension the assembly by looping around the button and one of the pegs. Secure with a square knot.

You can also use a couple of stout rubber bands instead of the knotted cord. This holds tension on the warp.

Note that the tapestry needle remains in place holding the warp strands secure near the button. If you accidentally dislodge it go back and set up the length on the mold.
Here's a closeup showing the button end. The tapestry needle holds the warp strands together. The button is tensioned using the knotted cord or rubber bands.

Practice is required to get the spacing and tension correct. Yes, it's a bit more involved...

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