April 13, 2014

4 wrap handmade rope bracelet with button 3297

 More hand manufactured cotton rope this time featuring a wrapped loop. The wrapping is waxed thread otherwise used for stitching leather shoes and other projects. It is a nice heavy gauge, quite strong and develops a pleasing texture when used in this way.

The rope is a 4-ply construction (hence the two hole button). (More information on the rope machine to be published later.)
 This is a thicker two hole poly clay button cut like a cookie then baked (also like a cookie) but unfortunately not edible.

As with the other pieces in this series the button is placed in the rope machine with the yarns threaded through the holes. As the rope is formed  by twisting the button becomes the termination point.

Shown here as a four wrap bracelet this piece can also be a longer length necklace. About 7 1/2" (191 mm )with four wraps or 35" (889 mm) in a single loop.

Cord color is an off-white the poly clay button is a marbled composite of white grey and tan.

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