April 1, 2014

Making a basket weave rope bracelet Part 4 Remove slack from the weft cord

Making a basket weave rope bracelet Part 4:
Remove slack from the weft cord

We'll start by tightening up the white weft cord that was placed first. Use the round nose pliers like the ones shown in the photo to grab the cords. Much easier than trying to use fingers….

Round nose pliers have no serrations so they don't tear the surface of the cord. Find them at a craft supply store.

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Rotate the mold and find the loop opposite the loose ends. Grab the loop with the pliers and gently tighten.

Work the cord from the center to the ends. Pull just enough tension to settle the colored warp cords together. Don't over-tighten at this point.

As you work around the white cord loops will pull free of the rubber bands.

Continue around until the slack reaches the end. Pull the cord end through and leave the tail hanging.

Then start again in the center and work the other way.

You will end up with two long tails of white cord. Leave them under the rubber bands for now, don't trim them off yet.

The bracelet will be loose on the mold but should stay put with the tail ends holding it in place.
This shows the rather loose weave of 8 loops. As discussed before you can make 10, 12, or 14 loops on your mold . The tightening technique is the same for all of them.

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