April 8, 2014

Making a basket weave rope bracelet Part 6 Bind cord ends

 Making a basket weave rope bracelet Part 6: Bind cord ends.

Slide the bracelet off the mold. It should have enough stiffness to hold it's shape while you finish it off.

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 Line up the cords using the smooth nose pliers. If there are any loose or slack loops re-work the tension to get everything even.
 Prepare a needle and nylon thread. You will need about 72" length of thread. In this example the thread has been doubled through the needle creating a strong four-ply thread.

You may also use a pair of regular pliers to place the needle through the cords.
 Align the cords you buried and sew them together with the needle and thread. Make three or four passes to get the thread on the same side of the cord.

Repeat this process on all the groups of buried cords. The more colors you use the more of these groups you will have.
Tie off the threads with square knots.

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