April 10, 2014

handmade rope wrap bracelet necklace 3298

 What makes this piece special is the rope is actually assembled on a rope machine from cotton yarns in a two-stage process.

The first stage creates a thin cotton cord from three plies of cotton twine. The second stage uses three of these cords to create the rope shown here.

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 The handmade poly clay button is placed on the inactive end of the rope winding machine with the cord threaded through the holes in the button.  As the rope is made the button is secured by the natural twist in the yarns

The loop is made with an eye-splice detail with a coach whipping securing the end of the splice. This is a traditional method of creating open loops that can carry heavy loads imposed by rigging on sailing ships.
The extra length creates a four wrap bracelet for a large wrist, five wrap for a small wrist. Two wraps makes a nautical choker style necklace or leave the single loop for an extra long draped necklace.

Color is a natural off-white, material is cotton.

design and photographs © copyright 2014 WhatKnotShop

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