March 28, 2012

big order in progress so blogging takes a back seat

A customer placed a large order for an upcoming wedding with a nautical theme. Here's a photo of the nearly finished project.

She wanted 110 in three sizes for her guests.

The design is a traditional three part braid made from 100% cotton cable cord. The ends are stitched and trimmed off. Small size uses a blue thread, medium a white thread, and large a red thread to help sort them out. (the mediums have not been finished in this photo)
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March 14, 2012

star knot bracelet with beads 1864

 This is a 16 part star knot made with 2 mm black synthetic braided cord and red glass beads. In this view you can see the regular pattern of the weave on each side with the star knots in the center.

The design is by Norbert Trupiano and is published by Charles Hamel. Find the tutorial here.

Previously published on this blog:
star knot meridian cotton rope bracelet 1739 a single strand knot made with 3 mm cord
Rope bracelet with star knot meridian 1738 a double
strand knot made with 2 mm white nylon cord.
This design required several "do-overs" in the course of construction to fix crossover errors and other things.

Size is a "large" 8 5/8" (219 mm) circumference requiring 39 ft of cord and 16 beads.

Synthetic cord is non shrinking and easy to work though the loops. Note that this is not a true turks head knot, more like a sennit braid.
Here you can see the details of the weave including the crossover where the cord passes through the beads. Each bead is big enough for only two passes of the cord. The beads are placed in the center of the star knot loops. The remaining crossover cords are run just below each bead.

                       available here

See the pattern used to make this knot here. The white nylon bracelet is available here or you can special order one of these made to your custom size here.

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March 13, 2012

Time to wake up collection on Etsy

Daylight saving time just kicked in so it's Time to wake up and this cool collection of spring themed items by Marta Acero is a pleasant alarm clock. Visit Marta's shop tukaltd for inspired aromatic animals (NICE aromas here!) and intriguing cord pouches and baskets.

Dry off after your morning shower with this High Quality Hand Woven Turkish Cotton Towel... one of the many fine woven products from Turkishtowel. Made on a traditional hand weaving loom this is a treat for any morning. See more Sarong-PESHTEMAL in their shop Turkishtowel.

WoodArtJewelry makes many intriguing forms including these Wooden hair forks, 2 prong, Hair sticks... Petya and Emil collaborate (he makes the objects, she minds the Etsy shop). If you have lots of hair you will want one of these stylish accessories.

The featured item in this collection is this double button fiber & bead cuff bracelet medium made from up-cycled pieces of hand dyed cotton cord, glass beads, and cotton thread. This is one of many unique pieces of fiber art available in the design section of WhatKnotshop on Etsy. More of these one of a kind pieces are available in the design section of WhatKnotShop on Zibbet shop as well.

March 12, 2012

grey grommet group 1833

 A group of grey grommets made with hand dyed grey #60 cotton cord and finished with white waxed linen whipping.

A grommet is a round endless ring made from rope that is about five times as along as the circumference of the finished grommet. Read more about these interesting and useful knots on WikiHow or try this netplaces knot site article by Randy Penn. The traditional grommet is made from manila or other natural fiber rope. A length is "un-layed" then woven back together in a circular form.
These cotton grommets are made from cotton cord that is intact not the "un-layed" condition. The overlapping ends are bound up using another traditional marlinspike seamanship technique known as whipping. Ropeworks offers a clear diagram for several types of whipping methods. These are made using "method 3" (scroll down to see it)

You can find grommet bracelets like these in WhatKnotShop on Etsy.

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March 7, 2012

The Fogs of March collection on Etsy

Warm weather over snow pack brings The Fogs of March a collection by Sharon from Reading England. Her Etsy shop beadingshaz is filled with Button, Bead and Vintage Coin jewelry in fun, original and quirky designs by me, Sharon, I love bright colors.

This Woodland in the Fog Photograph 10X10 Forest Scene by Machel Spence a nature photographer from Seattle really captures the magic of the mist. This image is offered in a range of sizes at value prices. See more of Machel's shop machelspencePHOTO.

Dana has a handsome collection of Decorative Slate Coaster Set - English Fog offers through her shop PacificStoneworks.

The featured item in this collection is this small but popular design fog grey turks head knot rope bracelet It's made from hand dyed 100% cotton cord in a simple three part braid that is instantly recognizable as the "sailor's bracelet" from summer at the beach. Available in larger sizes for adults this can be found in the solid colors section of WhatKnotShop on Etsy

March 6, 2012

black nylon bangle GEOmetry series 1824

simple black circular form extra large size lightweight waterproof

six strands of 3mm braided nylon with waxed nylon thread binding

part of the GEOmetry series of fiber art bracelets

                        available here

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March 1, 2012

I felt so symbolic yesterday collection on Etsy

Adam Duritz probably isn't a craft follower but his band Counting Crows' work gets top billing in this treasury collection titled I felt so symbolic yesterday pulled together by greenyogini a color fanatic from Cleveland. She and her friend Mr. Jones (who wishes he was just a little more funky) make colorful friendship bracelets and other Vintage, Handmade, and Upcycled Goodies available in her shop greenyogini.

These Legwarmers in Grey with buttons are a very attractive part of a collection from homelab a fanatic knitter living Athens. Visit her shop and have her send you something warm all the way from Greece. (They need the foreign exchange, you need these leg warmers...)

Click on over to XtraVirgin and take a look at this Grey Brass Stud Bracelet made by namthip. Her handmade work is a real bargain and comes in a wide variety of designs.

The featured item in this symbolic collection is this extra wide white & grey medium turks head knot rope sailor bracelet made with hand dyed cotton cord. This is a nice soft and wide slip on cuff that can go everywhere comfortably and won't clatter on your keyboard or desk. See more of these blended color bracelets on Etsy. Even more options and sizes are available at WhatKnotShop on Zibbet.