March 4, 2017

Terminating loose ends - String weave tapestry bracelet tutorial part 5

Part 5: Terminating loose ends

This part shows how to bury the ends of the weft strings in the completed weave.

These concealed terminations allow you to use varying lengths of weft strings of different colors maintaining the seamless appearance.

Wrap the pair around one of the outside warp strands and insert the tapestry needle under the loops as shown.

Draw the tapestry needle though several of the loops along side the warp cord allowing it to emerge about 1" from the start.

Note: you may remove the weaving from the loom to do this.

Gently draw the weft strings through the weave until the slack is removed. Don't distort the weave, just apply enough tension to snug the loop in place on the open end.
Then use a scissor or cutting tool to trim off the end avoiding damage to the weave.

Use this technique to establish a new warp pair: Run the needle the opposite direction with a fresh length of string. Re-start the weave following the established over-under order.

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