December 30, 2010

Color Me Happy collection by laidbackladies on Etsy

Color Me Happy a new collection of handmade crafts curated by laidbackladies on Etsy  Visit laidbackladies shop where you can find handcrafted pretties, vintage items, and prim needfuls for your home. Grab a cup of tea and come on in for a spell.

December 28, 2010

for the feminine... by UrbanRevisons on Etsy

for the feminine... a new collection by UrbanRevisions  (Shredded T-Shirt Apparel, Accessories and Glass Jewelry)  on Etsy  Arlie Trowbridge the UrbanRevisions shop owner has made a large number of Etsy Treasuries <--click here to see them!

December 27, 2010

Sand Between My Toes collection by StitchyImpressions on ArtFire

Sand Between My Toes a member curated collection by StitchyImpressions on ArtFire read StitcheyImpressions Studio Announcement  here

December 23, 2010

anemone cuff slip on bracelet in soft cord 1073

Greens, blues, grays, and white with a few black and purple strands make up this newest addition to the anemone collection.  The material is bits of hand dyed cotton cord up cycled from my scrap bin laid out on a mold and bound together with nylon thread. The ends are gently frayed out to make a fun loving cuff bracelet that resembles a sea anemone hence the name.
 This one measures 8" (203 mm) inside circumference and is naturally flexible to slip on over most people's bigger hands. The nylon binding cord is strong and will not stretch.

About 1 7/8" (47 mm) wide
This piece is available on ArtFire handmade marketplace   click here

Here's a link to another pair of anemone cuffs  click here with a different mix of colors.

design and photographs © copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop

December 22, 2010

knots new collection on Etsy

See a group of creative artists who make things from knotted fibers, metal, and a few good loops.
Here are direct links to the sellers in this collection:

tissue88 Chinese art inspired work
FibreSeedling crafts & Jewelry (2 items)
Sarah Collection Chinese Knotting Crafts
aTwistofFateDesign Handcrafted Vintage Inspired Jewelry
NautilusMaritime Nautical Jewelry and the Arts of the Traditional Sailor
myrebe creating pieces from textiles
piedras  original jewelry by Abigail Mount Miller
carriebea Carrie Bea's Accessories
stonedelite StoneDelite original jewelry by Angelique
NiceKnots Celtic Knotwork & Leather Jewelry
Remmie Handmade Jewelry Hair Pieces Vintage & Crafted Items
ss10001 Micro-macrame and More Jewelry and Accessories!
ArtisticJewelry2010 Charming jewelry collected from Chiang Rai Night Bazaar
mysticknotwork Turks Head Style Sailor Bracelets since 1957
TopKnotch Top Knotch Gear

Double button cuff bracelet with beads 1067

This design uses two small grey plastic buttons secured to opposite corners of cord fabric engaging loops to form a closure system. The cord fabric is composed of hand dyed scraps of both the 3 mm plain cotton cord and the twisted cotton cable cord. I added a few colorful beads to fill the open spaces in the end loops.
Colors are browns and reds framed in a black perimeter loop with a green and purple accent here and there. The nylon thread compresses the cords to a nice tight shape. Size is "medium" 7 1/2" (193 mm) inside circumference.

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This item is available on ArtFire  click here if this one has been sold you may request a custom design just  click "contact artisan" on the ArtFire product page.

design and photographs copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop

December 21, 2010

Black beaded fabric bangle 1074

Black polyester cord is bound tightly together in a reverse loop pattern creating the "interlocking fingers" detail. An array of small blue glass beads are threaded in between the cord plies to form an offset pattern.
 This piece is a smaller slip on style measuring 7 3/8" (187 mm) inside circumference. The cord is highly compressed and has no remaining stretch left in it.

Colors are midnight black and cobalt blue.

This item is available on ArtFire handmade marketplace  click here

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design and photographs copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop

December 15, 2010

three button fiber cuff bracelet medium 1062

 Three grey plastic buttons and loops set in a diagonal pattern form a secure toggle closure for this up cycled rope bracelet. The photo to the left shows the closed position with the loops and buttons. Size is a "medium" measuring 7 1/2"(191 mm) inside circumference.
Colors are grey, blues, and black with purple, tan and yellow cord accents worked into the weave. The cords are bound together with four ply nylon thread which creates a compression that squeezes the soft cotton and synthetic cords into a stiff curved shape. Bracelet is flexible to open and close. Texture is comfortable and will improve with long term wear.
This photo shows the buttons disengaged from the loops. Each button is securely stitched to the cord with nylon thread.

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This limited edition item is available  click here

design and photographs copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop

December 14, 2010

double button toggle fiber cuff bracelet small 1057

New double button toggle closure design )strata( bracelet made with hand dyed cotton cord, polyester cord, and synthetic cord scraps up cycled and bound together with four ply nylon thread. This bracelet has a pair of grey plastic buttons that engage a pair of loops to secure the closure.
 Size is "medium-small" measuring 7 1/8" (181 mm) circumference.
Colors are brown, grey, blue, green, black, and white.

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This design and others like it are available on the WhatKnotShop ArtFire site  click here or click on the "design" selection in the online shop

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December 12, 2010

December 9, 2010

new bracelet collection now on display at Sword+Fern Portland

A new consignment of rope bracelets is now available at sword+fern located at 811 East Burnside #114 Portland OR. This new shipment includes sold and mixed colors made from hand dyed cord. Light, Warmth, Strength, Health in this time of seasonal darkness. While you are there check out Emily's clever and beautiful collection of handmade jewelry "created in the spirit of the beaches and forests she grew up amongst" more here...

December 7, 2010

soft cotton bangle bracelet 1040

Primarily blue and green cords are used in this fabric bangle. Lightweight and colorful this is a "large" size 8 1/2" (217 mm) inside circumference.
Purple accent cord can be seen here.

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December 6, 2010

double button toggle fiber bracelet 1041

Small wrap around fiber bracelet made with up-cycled bits of cord from my scrap box. Colors are grey, dark blue, brown, lime green, purple, red and black. Bracelet is easily opened and closed with small buttons and loops to to hold it securely closed.

Size is a "medium" for most people 7 1/4" (183 mm) inside circumference when closed but will stretch out a bit.
Constructed with four ply nylon thread.

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This is item is available  click here

design and photographs copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop

December 5, 2010

My Etsy Christmas Wish List by k8secondo on Etsy

My Etsy Christmas Wish List!!  by k8secondo on Etsy Be sure to check out Blue Room Creations Beautiful, yet functional items. Products include Coffee Cozies, Ice Cream Cozies, Burp Cloths, and Painted Fish T-Shirts! 

December 1, 2010

Indie Junction in Purple and Mint collection by ZurDesigns on Etsy

Indie Junction in Purple and Mint curated by ZurDesigns on Etsy A collection of some of the talented members of Indie Junction! Enjoy!!

bricks + mortar = sword + fern = new shopping opportunity

Attention Portland Oregon residents a limited selection of products from WhatKnotShop is now available at sword + fern located at  118 east burnside #114 portland, oregon 97214  check out what emily has to offer

November 29, 2010

WhatKnotShop shopping guide part two

Design - Two shops have different stock of these unique bracelets. Some have beadwork, some have toggle closures, some are small, some are large. Each one is handmade from cord, beads, & cotton floss, held together with four ply nylon thread. All are special
Shop design on Etsy
Shop design on Zibbet
Fiber wrapped jewelry - An offshoot of the knot business that came about from a creative use of the leftover pieces of cord that are created when a knot bracelet is made. These are "up cycled" slip on bracelets and choker style necklaces made by wrapping deconstructed string and floss around core materials.
Shop for wrapped fiber jewelry on ArtFire
Shop for wrapped fiber jewelry on Zibbbet
Beaded rope bracelets - Another offshoot of the knot tying work that has recently expanded into other experimental forms. Some bracelets incorporate beads in traditional turks head knot designs like the example shown on the left while other pieces are more about the beads.
Beaded knot bracelets on ArtFire
Beaded knot bracelets on Zibbet
Extra wide cuffs - These are the most dramatic wide slip on cuff bracelets available. Each one is a carefully made knot requiring many hours of work to lay out and then work up to the finished shape. This example is ready to slip on your wrist and tighten up to a comfortable custom fit.
See extra wide cuffs on ArtFire
See extra wide cuffs on Zibbet

November 28, 2010

WhatKnotShop shopping guide part one

Classic whites - This section has the classics including the well known three part bracelet plus a wide variety of other unusual weave designs. All are made with white  cord available in both 100% cotton and synthetics. 
Shop for classic white rope bracelets on Etsy   <-ankle bracelets here too!
Shop for classic white rope bracelets on Zibbet <--unique designs here
 Basic black - Self explanatory. If you don't find the size or design you want, check the other two shops.

Shop basic black on Etsy
Shop basic black on Zibbet  <--beaded black turks head here
Solid colors - This section contains bracelets that are all made from a single color cord. Weave designs vary from the plain weave (over-under) to the herringbone weave (over two - under two). Both narrow and wide turks heads can be found here.

Shop solid color bracelets on Artfire   <--lots of herringbone weave bracelets here
Shop solid color rope bracelets on Etsy
Shop solid color bracelets on Zibbet
Mixed colors - Here's where the fun combinations live. Find cool combinations of blue & white, grey & white, and brighter oranges, yellow, reds and greens combined with contrasting whites, grays sometimes other surprising combos. The biggest collection is on the Zibbet site so if you want something special check this out.

Shop for blended color turks heads on ArtFire
Shop for blended color turks heads on Etsy 
Shop for blended color turks heads on Zibbet

November 27, 2010

Blue skies collection on ArtFire

November 26, 2010

Feedback from Etsy buyers

dblespresso20 says:
thanks! fits perfectly and I love it!

VERY fast shipping and much nicer than I expected. Excellent craftsmanship!

zakkanouveau says:
thank you so much! just received it in the mail today + it's cuter in person~ perfect sizing! wonderful etsy seller who created a custom size for my wrist. my first purchase on etsy ever + so glad it was through whatknotshop for this bracelet!

debs102 says:
great product, fantastic seller, great info, well packed and arrived quickly from the US to the UK - thank you! Debs

scoutkath says:
Love it - fits nicely on my small wrist

raylahrouge says:
Love this bracelet, i wear it everyday! Would definitely buy from here again. Thanks!

blueberrysherbert says:
seller was very responsive and accomodating, the bracelet arrived quickly, and i love it! thanks!!

SunKissedKell says:
Always a good expeirence shopping here, I love all your bracelets! This one is great as well, thank you!