January 19, 2013

Placing the center strand tutorial part 3

 Continue the placement of the center cord all the way to the end.

The end is the place where the two outer strands meet.

In this photo the fid is approaching the end of the white outer strand. Pull it through all the way and remove the fid.

 Flip the knot over 180 degrees and re-attach the fid to the other long loose end of the center cord.

Place the fid between the two outer strands and draw the cord through to the opposite side in exactly the same way as before. Keep the cord in the center, no twisting, relaxed tension...
 Here you can see the path of the cord across the the knot following the center gap. In the photo the loops have been left slack to illustrate the overlapping pattern.

Continue to place the cord until all the crossings are populated and the colored cord arrives at the end of the white outer strand.
Here the placement is complete and you can see the parallel layout of the cords marked in red. Hide the overlap underneath one of the parts. Keep the cords side-by-side to facilitate the stitching together of the strands.

To see how the ends are kept from fraying and falling apart check out the stitch up tutorial

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