January 26, 2014

vertebrae cuff bracelet 3206

 Bracelet with backbone (the poly clay toggle with the bumps on it) is the focal point of this hand dyed cotton construction. Loops of the cotton cord are placed on the ridges and secured with nylon thread through a series of holes.

The edge-stitching is expressed on the navy blue cord.
 Blue black green verdigris yellow tangerine orange
The toggle and loop are easy to flip open. Size is "small" at 7 1/4" (183 mm) when closed.

See this piece and a limited selection of other work at Paper Hat located in south Minneapolis at 50th and Penn Ave

design and photographs © copyright 2014 WhatKnotShop

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Sandra Tyler said...

Hi George! I know you submitted to the Press a while back and I'm looking to open up the Press to fine crafts. I particularly like this bracelet as it is a bit different as well as striking. May I use this post in the upcoming issue? Thanks and email me at editor@thewoventalepress.net referencing this URL. I can't wait until summer because that's when I wear your bracelets:) I don't know why but I save them for that season.