January 9, 2014

green and blue handwoven basket weave rope cuff bracelet 3208

Another of the new year's experimental basket weave rope cuffs. The idea was to see what could be made from the shorter pieces of cord that are cut off of the larger bulk runs of colored cord used to make the turks head knot bracelets.

This one uses a mix of braided and twisted cord which produces tapered shape. The twisted cord is slightly smaller diameter causing the weave to be a bit tighter. The green cord is tensioned to create the curved shape on the far end.

 The color mix is navy, grey, green, and a couple of intermediate blue-green colors from my cut off ends collection. The weft is a black polyester with nine loops.

Size is a relaxed 7" (178 mm) inside circumference but the weave is somewhat flexible to expand to about 8" or so.

The ends are stitched and trimmed on the inside of the cuff as you can see.

                only one available here

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