January 10, 2014

tan and sand double thickness basket weave rope bracelet cuff 3201

 This cuff turned out to be a bit larger measuring about 8" inside circumference but it seems much bigger due to the double weave construction. The opposing loops give this slip on bracelet a nice thickness. It's quite lightweight made from natural and hand dyed cotton cord.
 Here you can see the three colors in offset loops that set up the characteristic spiral pattern common to all the double weave designs. To get the spiral expressed all three of the offsetting loops must be placed or else the definition is lost.

The other innovation here is all the loose ends are turned 90 degrees and buried in the weave. Makes one of the overpassing loops a bit wider than the others but avoids all the tie-offs necessary when the loose ends are terminated at random points.
This one measures a full 2 5/8" (69 mm) wide so it really is a big wide cuff.

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