January 28, 2014

double wide rope bracelets in color 3232

 Double wide refers not to the design of a portable house on a rural lot but instead to the two rope bracelets that are stitched together with brightly colored cotton floss. This small collection is done in the basic primary colors:

bright chrome yellow
turquoise blue
grass green
navy blue
 The bracelet is constructed of a pair of 2-strand rope bracelets. The material is a heavy #60 cotton cord worked in a classic 3 part weave. The two bracelets are worked to a consistent size on an 8" mold then one is reversed and they are stitched together with the floss.

They come out about 7 1/2" (191 mm) and are a generous width of about 1 1/4" (32 mm)
See these pieces and a limited selection of other work at Paper Hat located in south Minneapolis at 50th and Penn Ave

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