January 11, 2014

blue and white basket weave rope bracelet cuff 3205

 This is a very simple basket weave pattern cuff bracelet where the warp cord alternates over and under with the adjacent pass. This creates a relatively thin shell.

The material is an ombre dip-dyed hank of hardware store cotton twine. The warp (running around the circumference of the cuff) is made from the dip dyed cord. The woof (running back and forth along the width of the cuff) is made from un dyed cord from the same ball.
 Here you can see the effects of the partially dyed warp cord as it passes around the circumference. The dark blue fades into the natural light grey.

Here's another example of how the ombre cord works in a simple three part turks head knot bracelet.

This plain weave design does not have the same amount of natural stretch as the double weave designs because the fabric has less thickness. The cords don't have the extra space within the body of the fabric.
This cuff was made on a 9 1//2" mold and after the workup now measures 8 1/4" (209 mm) During the layout the cord is loosely arranged to conduct the weaving process then tightened up after all the cords have been placed.

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