January 19, 2014

basket weave rope cuff desert tan and ecru double weave 3202

 All cotton materials warp cords are hand dyed a light desert tan and interwoven with natural ecru white cord.

This design has 20 loops creating a 39 crossing count per circumference (there is an offset of one to keep the weave going) Each warp cord follows an over-two under-two pattern. Only two of the three crossing patterns are populated with cord.

 You can see the characteristic spiral pattern on the inside of this view. The two colors are very close so the effect is less pronounced. The un-populated crossing pattern reveals the weft cord.
Made on  10 1/2" mold this slip on cuff has been worked up to a smaller 8" (203 mm) inside circumference

              only one available here

design and photographs © copyright 2014 WhatKnotShop

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