January 12, 2014

ombre dip dyed cord made into a turks head knot rope bracelet 3212

 The interesting thing about this design is the cord which was loosely coiled then dip dyed in a blue dye bath then the cord was dip dyed in a grey dye bath and allowed to dry. The overlapping color creates the transition.

The cord was then used to construct a traditional three part sailor bracelet. The areas where the cord was fully immersed in the blue are laid up right next to the grey areas giving this classic design a lively variegated color effect
 The cord is a #48 cotton which is a relaxed or loosely laid up product of my local hardware store. It has a light grey toned color right out of the ball so the blue dye comes out a bit more pastel in tone while the grey just looks completely natural.
Built as a sample this is a "small" size (14 part) but the cord can stretch making this a great all purpose bracelet.

design and photographs © copyright 2014 WhatKnotShop

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