March 12, 2017

Adding a second color and finishing the weave - String weave tapestry bracelet tutorial part 7

 Part 7: Adding a second color and finishing the weave

In this example a second darker color weft string is used to add interest to the design. The weaving is the same technique as before using a new segment of cord. Start by burying the new weft in the existing work then continue weaving.

Cut a length of the weft string and double it on the tapestry needle as before.

Insert the needle under the the weave alongside the warp strand about 1" from the end and draw the new weft string through the weave.

Then resume the weaving from side to side observing the opposite over-under pattern as before keeping the weft strands  parallel at the turns without crossovers!

Continue the weave with the weft strands held parallel at the edges.

After each pass pack the weft cords down to eliminate gaps in the weave. Work from the turn edge across the weave towards the loose end allowing the weft to fill the gaps.

Pattern shift:

Here you will notice that those two loose ends of the warp strands have been grouped with the outside strands forming a new pattern:

over two - under one - over one - under two

leave the ends of the warp strands exposed, you will trim these off later.

At the button end continue weaving until the loops are stuffed with cord as shown. Use the tapestry needle to find the gaps and pack the weft firmly.

Fill the remaining gap at the button with the same figure-8 weave of the weft pair.

      2       3      4        5        6        7        8

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