August 25, 2010

delicate designs made with small material

A herringbone weave design using 1.5 mm high density nylon cord.

This is a 34 bight design but due to the small diameter of the material it measures only 6 1/4" inside circumference, about the right size for a child or young teen.

This type of high tech nylon cord was found at an Eastern Mountain Sports EMS shop. Many outdoor gear suppliers offer these types of high grade nylon cords in all kinds of color combinations. This one happens to be a classic red/black mix

See this and a number of other unique patterns and color combinations at these three online venues:


Here we see a typical three part common turks head weave using the 1.5 mm high density nylon cord. This one is a bit larger measuring 7" inside diameter and available here:

The flat or common weave is clearly visible in this view. 

These smaller materials create a much smaller scale weave pattern which goes well with smaller hands or for those who like a more refined look.

design and photographs copyright 2010 by WhatKnotShop

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