November 30, 2011

wrapped and beaded anklet 1678

Colorful cotton fiber wrapped anklet or very large bracelet (might fit your bicep!) made with a cotton core, cotton floss, and multi colored glass seed beads.

Measures 10 1/4" (260 mm) inside circumference and is very flexible and comfortable.

This is an example of a variety of similar designs that can be found in my Zibbet Marketplace

The closure is a simple cotton loop and plastic button.

                  available here

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

Blue rope GEOmetry bangle 1449

A wedge section rope bangle bracelet made with very soft blue nylon cord. The white flecks are the four ply waxed nylon binding thread.

This bangle is made in five layers from a single piece of braided cord. Each layer is bound together horizontally then vertically with the nylon thread.

The nylon cord is very soft and low density so this bangle is flexible although it holds it's shape. The stitching creates slight distortions in the circular shape.

See other GEOmetry series rope bracelets here.

Size is medium about 8" (203 mm) inside circumference.

This is very similar to the white rope GEOmetry bangle 1640.

                  available here

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

November 25, 2011

Match Made in Heaven collection made on Etsy

Here's a new collection titled Match Made in Heaven curated by Kim from Baltimore. You can shopkim (literally) and receive free wrapping during the holiday season so visit her shop to see her handmade jewelry and accessories.

On the green side of this match is this Lime Green Braided Scarf made by Arlene and offered through ArlenesBoutique. Lots more yarn creations including one design scarves for your holiday browsing.

 On the blue side are these Turquoise Nesting Bowls - Large Set made by KarinLorenc and offered in her shop of the same name. She offers colorful clay creations made on a kick-wheel. Visit her profile to find out what this is! (Hint: it involves the use of feet...)

The featured item in this heavenly collection is this blue BASIC turks head knot sailor bracelet one of a colorful series of rope bracelets you can easily adjust to make your perfect fit. See the entire collection in the BASIC section of WhatKnotShop on Etsy

November 24, 2011

1 button beaded cuff red and purple 1644

 This is a one button cuff made with braided cotton piping material and a mix of polyester and hand dyed cotton cord.

The size is a "medium" measuring about 7 1/2" (191 mm) inside circumference when closed.

Red, clear, and amber glass beads are worked into the seams between the cords around the edges.

 The toggle closure is a single plastic button and loop. The entire affair is constructed on an 8" plastic mold where the cords are laid out then edge bound together with four ply waxed nylon thread. When the cord fabric is stable the cuff is removed from the mold and the beads are worked into the seams.

This item is available here  and is part of a larger collection available at WhatKnotShop on Zibbet

Colors are off-white, rust, purple cords with red, clear, and amber glass beads, the button is a reddish brown.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

November 23, 2011

Terrific Teal collection on Etsy

Teal is one of my favorite colors so this Terrific Teal collection curated by Lee Meyer really hits the spot. Visit FleurDeLeeDesign to find Handcrafted stone, wire and metal jewelry made right here in Minneapolis.

42things offers these Paper Snowflake Die cut icy blues (25) which will dress up your holiday table or scrapbook. The multi-talented Jo got into another collection reviewed on this blog just recently and her shop has more up cycled and recycled handmade designs worthy of holiday gift giving.

You can almost feel the sand between your toes in this Ocean Photography, Concord No. 2 (Oceanscape) made by Tricia McKellar and one of many photos offered in her shop TriciaMcKellarPhoto. She is one of 20 Photographers Whose Work You Can Actually Afford so click the link, scroll down and read the review on Photojojo a great place to look for serious gear.

The featured item in this collection is extra wide white & teal turks head knot rope sailor bracelet which is an updated teal color (of course...) based on a popular grey and white design. This soft and comfortable cuff can be made in a variety of colors by special request. Find this and lots of other blended color rope bracelets in WhatKnotShop on Etsy.

November 22, 2011

anti clastic beaded cuff bracelet handmade artifact fiber art bracelet 1673

 This modern primitive cuff is made with a cotton piping material and hand dyed cotton cord forming the distinctive anti-clastic shape. Rows of glass beads are embedded in the seams.
6 mm wood beads are embedded in the seam on one side. The other side has a row of red and brown wood beads.
This cuff is secured with two plastic buttons and loops. Size closed is 7 3/4" (197 mm) inside circumference.

Available here

Part of the handmade artifacts series exploring ancient form in modern materials.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

November 20, 2011

Covered With Snow collection on Etsy

If just happened! Our first 2+" snowfall here in Minneapolis so what better timing for a treasury collection titled Covered With Snow made by Yuliya Art. She has Etsy shop named GoldenSection filled with romantic photo prints, fantasy landscape photography, beautiful botanical photography, and unique original still life.

These Korean Paper Beads should inspire some indoor creative activities. Visit Jo's shop 42things to find more up cycled paper crafts, shoes, reclaimed paper beads, and Eco chic green, earth friendly handmade designs.

If you live in the south and want to know what winter looks like up here in the northland then you need this handsome Winter Landscape - Snow White Art - Tree Photography - 8x10" a photograph made by Kay Hulbert. See more wall art photographs as well as photo jewelry, and greeting cards her shop SoundsLikeRain.

The featured item in this collection is this white cotton turks head knot rope sailor bracelet small one of the classic designs made with a heavy cotton cord. This design is available in medium and large sizes and in quantities if you need some easy holiday gifts. Please contact me to place a special order request.

November 19, 2011

2 button blue green extra wide beaded cuff 1643

 This two button cuff is another in the clothesline series made with a grey hand dyed clothesline which forms the ribs and loops in combination with 3 mm hand dyed cotton cord. Glass seed beads are worked into the seams of the large cord. A row of glass beads forms a seam between the two halves of this bracelet. A pair of buttons and loops hold this cuff securely closed.
The colors are grey, green, and black. Bead colors are cobalt, light turquoise, light blue, and a mix of amber, yellow, pink and clear glass in the seam.

This item is available part of a series of clothesline cuffs in the design section of my Zibbet marketplace
The size is a large measuring 8" (204 mm) interior circumference when closed and 2 7/8" (71 mm) wide.
These unique constructions require between 12 -16 hours of work to build. This one was laid out on a PVC pipe mold where the larger cords were formed into the ribs and loops. The smaller diameter cords are laid out in the valleys and hand stitched into a fabric-like pattern. The bracelet is then removed from the mold and the beadwork is completed. Finally the two halves are stitched together using nylon thread and the larger glass beads.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

November 15, 2011

white dreams collection on Etsy

Anticipating snow in the forecast Nadin Sandler created this collection titled white dreams on Etsy. She has her shop NadinArtGlass filled with Handmade Jewelry Findings & Supplies plus NadinArtDesign focused on Handmade Sterling Silver Earrings & Modern Jewelry and if that's not enough you can see handmade Lampwork Glass Beads sets, especially accent beads in her third shop NadinGlassico  (whew!)

These Ten Pearlized White Braided Leather and Sterling Silver Bangles will make a statement and are available from Lisa Sachs' shop roundhousejewelry where you can see more of these elegantly designed leather bangles.

After doing your shopping you will need these Jane Austen Recycled 3D Layered Butterfly Art - BONUS gift tags to properly deliver your gifts. If you live in Canada you can shop in person. Visit Dallas' profile page to find out where or simply shop aboundingtreasures on Etsy.

The featured item in this white dream is the white turks head knot rope sailor bracelet offered in a small size but available in medium and large sizes by request. See more in the classic whites section of my Etsy shop. 

November 14, 2011

Black walnut earth tone dyed turks head knot bracelet 1522

This bracelet is made with cotton cord that has been dyed using black walnuts harvested from a neighborhood tree. The color is dense earth tone taupe which is somewhat lighter than the dyebath which was a real black.

The outer husk of the walnuts was mashed and mixed with a small amount of water then boiled according to this recipe from Practical Primitive then used to create a limited amount of black walnut cord. Size is 7" (178 mm) inside diameter.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

Simply collection on Etsy

Simply is a smaller collection of Etsy finds by Amanda from Milwaukee has an eclectic mix of both new and vintage goodies. She has a shop named GuthrieHandmade a shop of quirky, cute illustrations and Handmade things.

Repurposing old dictionaries might seem a challenge but CarpeDiemTreasures has done it with this Lotus Blossom Origami from Vintage Dictionary Pages with Tan Leaves. Your college english professor wants one of these and you can find more unique vintage finds and treasures from years of collecting in their shop of the same name.

Another unusual find are these Vintage Jadite Small Bowls offered by Maureen from her shop MozTreasures which is filled with an extensive collection of more than 800 treasures. Yeah!

The featured item in this collection is this teal blue turks head knot rope bracelet made with a soft hand dyed cotton braid. This one is size "small" but you can order larger sizes just click here. More colors and weave designs are available in the solid colors section of my Etsy shop.

November 13, 2011

2 button beaded soft cuff 1652

 This is a variation on the clothesline cuff design using a softer cotton cord for the framing cords. This material is softer and less dense than woven clothesline.

In this design there are a series of dark 6 mm wood beads on one side of the cuff and a collection of small glass beads on the other side.

This item is available in my Zibbet marketplace.
The cuff is secured with a pair of plastic buttons.
Size is a "medium" 8" (204 mm) inside circumference. About 2" (50 mm) wide

Colors are purple, rust, yellow and off-white.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

November 12, 2011

A Little Bit Softer Now collection on Etsy

Scott Moody made this collection A Little Bit Softer Now or see the other side of soft which is a little bit louder now the paired treasury. You can also check out his photography shop Treachery on Etsy to see his other passion.

Loud or soft you will want Two Peas in a Pod Mini Bath Bombs - Set of 6 the next time you use the bathtub (for bathing of course...) See more natural soaps and other products made in small batches with natural, sustainable, and sometimes organic ingredients by ElegantRoseBoutique.

This Bunny Hat -- Hand Felted Wool -- Size Medium/Large is just the right size for the wild thing in your house. Vaiva Nat makes these and a collection of other whimsical Art to Wear: Felted Wool Accessories, Clothing, Jewelry all in her shop Felt Gallery on Etsy.

The featured item in this collection is a new design made entirely out of a soft braided cotton clothesline cord white cotton wedge bangle GEOmetry series an experimental line of accessories based on very simple shapes in this case a layered wedge shaped soft bangle. See more of these in the design section of my Etsy shop.

November 10, 2011

No shoes required on this beach new collection on Etsy

About this time of year we can all wish for a place where like Amanda's collection there are No Shoes Required. See more of Amanda's work in her shop Annealed Heart Studio where she employs traditional metalsmithing techniques to fabricate one of a kind pieces.

Meanwhile on the beach you will want to get a Nautical Funky Grey and Black Dog Toy like this one which is sold but there are more in store at KarensRopeWork just click on the dog toys section. She also makes some very nice brooches and monkey fist necklaces.

Now this may be sold as a scarf but it is presented as a Christo-like wrapped driftwood piece Eco, natural fashion scarf or panel on a wall "Sea lace" made by Ksenia Schinkowskaya one of many intriguing pieces of felt art offered in her design lab woolbulb.

The featured item in this collection are these white turks head knot sailor rope bracelets extra small which make great gifts for small adults, teens, or children. Order one of these or you can get a mix of sizes to take care of your holiday gift list. Special orders are welcomed, just click here.

November 9, 2011

11 strand rope bracelet 1650

 Three views of a loose rope bracelet design made with hand dyed cotton cord.

colors are grey and yellow

construction is four ply nylon thread
 Size is adjustable from about 8" to about 8 3/4"

Find this on Zibbet.
A series of loops and a piece of grey cord forms  a corset-style lace up closure. A round wood bead secures the loop (hidden in the photo)

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

November 7, 2011

New Life collection now living on Etsy

New Life is the name of this new collection by FilligreeCreations you know this accordion playing former pet shop worker who makes those handmade lamp shades? Check out the work right here.

Handmade paper and etherial images set this detail, Winter Walk, Lyric solar plate etching on handmade paper apart from the many other fine art photographers on Etsy. Find out more about Kelly Tankersley process and see more of her work in her shop 88editions.

Travel north to find this 2 Jointed Flitch in Sustainably Harvested American Cherry made by Andrew and Elizabeth Bryant and offered through their shop grayworksdesign. Read their Etsy Featured Seller article too.

I love collecting rocks and couldn't resist this GEODE Crystal and Air Plant // Rock and a Soft Piece made by kara b. and coming to us through her shop toHOLD. Follow her on Twitter and read more about her work on her design studio site.

The featured work in this collection is the soft classic white turks head knot rope sailor bracelet made from a smooth braided cotton cord. This one is a small size but it's easy to order one in your special size or order a dozen for your next birthday bash. Just click here to send me a message with your requirements.

November 6, 2011

3 button toggle cord cuff bracelet with beads 1634

 This is a 3 bead toggle cuff made with up cycled cord scraps, a collection of random beads, and a lot more time than I anticipated. This is one of those projects that was laid out on the mold and then for some reason didn't get finished for months. Seems like every time I picked it up I had to do something else so the design sat unrealized until just recently.
In this view you can see the overlapping cords that are actually on the surface. Usually all the cords are bound horizontally with the nylon thread but this design had a lot of loose ends that were laid out on top of the shell and then stitched down.
 In this view you can see the random bead collection arranged near the edge of the cuff. This adds texture and a bit more chaos to the already chaotic patterns.

This will fit an average size person measuring 7 1/2" (191 mm) when tugged down snugly. It will expand to about 8 1/4" (208 mm) with the toggle beads fully extended.

This one is extra wide 2 5/8" (68 mm) but it's mostly  cotton so it's not uncomfortable to wear...
In this view you can see the three large glass beads which toggle through the loops to hold this cuff closed.

Now listed on Zibbet.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

For the Love of Cuff collection on Etsy

There's lots to love in this collection For the Love of Cuff put together by Andrea. There's a lot a lot to love in her shop PickmeaRose filled with large variety of fabric flowers and rosettes.

I like the creativity in this embroidered, folk art bird, mint wrist cuff made by Collette Howie and offered through her shop PoppyandPoochie which is patchwork and quilted creations. You can place custom orders had have Collette make something special for you.

For the do-it-yourselfers these Leather Bracelet Cuff Blanks from Mary Tafuri are but one of the many leather findings and snap cuff bracelet blanks you can get from her shop ThinguMaBobs the retail home of  Tafurious™.

If you just want a finished cuff in pink then you must have this Handmade HOTPINK Elliott Smith Wristband Bracelet Cuff from thetrashtreasury one a serious collection of affordable, quality handcrafted wristbands in a variety of fine leather materials.

The featured item in this cuff collection is this green turks head knot rope sailor bracelet a nice wide slip on style design made with high density nylon braided cord. You can find more of these wide cuffs in my Etsy shop and in the extra wide cuffs section of my Zibbet shop. Custom orders are welcomed too. If you need some advice on how to estimate your slip-on size please read this blog article.

November 5, 2011

2 button clothesline cuff with beads 1632

 Here is another of the clothesline cuff collection made with soft braided cotton clothesline, hand dyed cord scraps, wood and glass beads, and a couple of plastic buttons. The clothesline is laid out to form the loops and ridges then the smaller cord is bound in between. A row of lavender glass beads forms a seam in the center. The wood and glass beads are then worked into the seams on the ridges.

The whole process takes some time to complete and depends on the availability of cord scraps and beads.

This cuff measures 7 3/8" (183 mm) inside circumference when closed and is 2 3/8" (63 mm) wide.

You can find this bracelet on Zibbet along with a larger collection of the design )strata( series of fiber art bracelets.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

November 4, 2011

Knot Twist Knit collection on Etsy

Knot Twist Knit...Modern Design collection made by Magdalena Orlik from Poland features several fine knots. Magdalana's shop Modesign features her line of unique jewelry. Find her all over on Facebook or Flickr or on her blog (written in Polish, fair warning!).

This Sailor Knot Bracelet / Turk's Head Knot Bangle Bracelet offered by Tara Jobe in her shop Tara Lane Designs is but one of many creative combinations of hard and soft materials. This one made it to the front page of Etsy (wow, how'd you do that?)

Then there is this Infinity Knot necklace which is of course a carrick bend knot made out of a nice soft braided cord offered by the enigmatic crumpetcake in her shop crumpet cake (oh that's better!) along with an eclectic variety of  colorful pendants.

The third knot and my personal favorite is this white & sky blue turks head knot sailor rope bracelet offered in a medium size here but available by special order in both large and small versions while supplies of the hand dyed cord last. You can see similar combinations in the blended colors section of my Etsy shop or for an expanded collection drop by my Zibbet shop where there are no expiration dates (yay!).

November 2, 2011

white rope GEOmetry bangle 1640

White cotton clothesline cord is worked into a wedge shaped slip on bracelet. Simple form made from soft materials.

Binding is four ply nylon thread.
Slip on size is 7 1/2" (191 mm) inside circumference

                             available here.

double clothesline cuff      GEOmetry collection

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

November 1, 2011

I'll always choose you collection by Jen on Etsy

Choice is good. It's even better when someone says I'll always choose you like Jen an art grad from SLC. She's a book maker, no not that kind. She creates handsome journals and sketchbooks like this Travel Watercolor Sketchbook to take along on your next art safari. Check out her shop SouthJenni on Etsy and her facebook page as well.

I also like this Vintage Nemadji Style Pottery Vase the clay body looks like an object carved directly from the earth. More vintage home decor at the fifthseason or at the other Etsy shop fifthquadrant.

Maybe it's the facial expression on the model but who can resist the CUSTOM Tribal Head Band Recycled T Shirt Yarn in your choice of colors. Marley's got a shop named Saxlib filled with indie fashion made from reclaimed material. She's out of the office at halogen fashion week so be patient when you order.

The featured item in this collection is sunshine yellow turks head knot rope bracelet one of the popular colors in the solid colors collection on Etsy. See an expanded range of rope bracelets in my Zibbet shop where there are no listing fees or expiration dates (nice!) Both larger and smaller sizes are available by special order click here to make your request