March 14, 2017

Finishing the weave - String weave tapestry bracelet tutorial part 8

Part 8: Finishing the weave

When the gaps are full of cord use the tapestry needle to bury the end this time in the center of the weave.

Leave about 1" and draw the string carefully through the weave until the slack is gone.

Use enough force to firmly compact the weave but be careful not to distort the weave pattern.

Also trim off the exposed warp strands where they emerge from the weave. Don't accidentally cut the weft strands!
When the slack is removed trim off the extra piece with a scissor or cutting tool.

Here are some designs based on this technique you might like:

heather and blue grey one button string weave cuff

one button string weave leather lacing cuff white

heather grey one button cuff

wide blue tapestry woven rope cuff 

Here is the finished bracelet with the two colors of cotton weft completed.

Here's a view of the inside showing the button engaged in the end loops.

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design, photos, and descriptions copyright 2017

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