March 31, 2011

Happiness is a pair of nautical chic knot bracelets

Michalle sent this self portrait photo showing two BASIC turks head knot rope bracelets. One is black the other is battleship grey. Both have been worked up to Michalle's comfortable fit size.
These BASIC rope bracelets are available in a wide range of colors including the black and grey show here as well as lighthouse red, starboard green, several colors of blue, sunshine yellow, orange, brown and classic white.
Illustrated instructions are included with each order. These adjustable bracelets are supplied in a "large" size which makes it easy to slip them over your hand. A few simple steps are all that is required to create a custom fit just right for you.
Here's a tip from Michalle: After working up the bracelet to a comfortable fit use a needle and thread to secure the loose ends. Trim the ends then turn the bracelet inside out to hide the stumps.
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March 30, 2011

black paracord herringbone bracelet/anklet 1238

This is a very large herringbone weave design made with black nylon parachute cord or paracord. This material is coreless that is there are no center strands inside the braided sheathing so it is very flexible and soft. As you can see form the photo the shape is still somewhat irregular. This is an experimental knot. It might work as a bracelet or perhaps an ankle bracelet if it is fully worked up to a firm symmetrical shape.

This turks head knot is a massive 41 bight x 21 part design which measures about 10" (253 mm) inside circumference in it's current relaxed state. This one will stretch to about 11 1/2". Here you can see the distinctive overlapping pattern. The core-less para cord lies flat. A para cord with 5 or 7 strand cores would be much thicker and stiffer than this example.
You may also be interested in this white paracord design.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

March 29, 2011

Aqua Breeze collection on Etsy

VintageHollow's soothing color treasury filled with blue-green prints, frames, and vintage items like the Vintage Repogle World Nation Globe, Circa 1985 by calloohcallay* which looks like the globe we had in the house while the kids were in school.

*"...oh frabjous day calloh callay he chortled in his joy" Name that poet! (thank you Susan)

The featured item is BASIC turks head knot bracelet green which is one of the collection of $4 adjustable rope bracelets. Find the rest of them in BASIC bracelets in the Etsy shop

March 28, 2011

a little green and grey one for the little ones 1163

 Here's a fun little (kid sized) bracelet made from the short ends of cord bundles that have been used to make larger bracelets. This one is a mere 5 1/2" (140 mm) inside circumference perfect for a child or 'tween. 100% cotton cord is hand dyed in small batches. The colors are copper green and grey. The ends have been stitched to keep it from falling apart with the kind of heavy use that kids put everything through!
Find a collection of children's sized rope bracelets on Zibbet. While I try to keep a variety of colors and sizes it is possible that you may not find exactly what you want. I am happy to take custom requests and my prices are the same for the custom work as they are for the in-stock items. 

You may also be interested in this turquoise herringbone rope bracelet which is available in smaller sizes as well.

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March 27, 2011

Hello, sailor collection Etsy

Hello, sailor an aptly named collection of seaside goodies put together by Skinny laMinx from South Africa. 

"Everything in my shop is designed by me, and made right here in Cape Town, South Africa.  *South African customers, please contact me for prices in Rands*" Check out her blog at My favs from this collection are the Sailor's Knot Teal Leather Key Fob by automaticsweetheart  from LA, and who can resist the necklush ultra - navy with bold black stripes by necklush out of Brooklyn, NY. Is this photo Troy or Stephano? Click 'n ask ladies...

The featured item is teal square knot macrame rope bracelet with zip pull closure made from hand dyed #24 cotton cord. The monkey fist knot is a pull-through to tighten up the bracelet after you slip it on.

March 26, 2011

cotton cord fabric cuff bracelet with glass beads 1231

 A pair of blue plastic buttons and loops hold the corners of this organic collection of cord and beads. Multiple mixed fiber cords are laid out then stitched together with a collection of irregular glass beads. The binding process compresses the cords together and the beads are embedded in the layers. Two opposing loops overlap with a seam of turquoise bubble beads between them. Cotton floss is applied to the edges to highlight the structure. This is one of the design )strata( series of fabric cord bracelets.
This view shows the buttons and loops.  The four ply nylon binder remains in constant state of tension holding the cords and beads firmly in position. This is a medium-small size measuring 7" (178 mm) circumference when closed.
This and other unique fiber art items are available in the design section of the Etsy shop.

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March 25, 2011

Just Lovely collection on Etsy

This new Treasury collection is Just Lovely and is curated by ThreeSugarsPlease a shop specializing in Vintage Collectibles ~ Handmade Art ~ Bracelets ~ Journals ~ Gifts ~ Pyrex ~ Gloves ~ Hankies ~ Supplies 

The divine twine caught my eye as I am always looking for new cord materials to make knot bracelets. The Vintage Polaroid Land Camera Automatic 210 brings back memories of peeling instant photos off those gooey film backers, letting them dry out and then coating them with that alcohol smelling pink squeegee.

The featured item is BASIC turks head knot bracelet green one of several green dyed cord bracelets that you can purchase and work up to make a perfect fit just for you. Instructions included with each order and available online in this illustrated guide 

March 23, 2011

teal blue plain weave turks head knot rope bracelet 1170

A wider cuff bracelet design made with a hand dyed cotton cable cord. The interesting highlights in the teal color are a result of the creation process. The outside of the cord absorbs more color from the dye bath than portions near the center. As the cord is drawn through the overlaps some twisting occurs exposing the lighter center materials thus creating the textured appearance.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

March 21, 2011

grey macrame soft bracelet 1092

Grey cotton cable cord hand dyed and knotted into a simple macrame bracelet. A ceramic bead accents the cord. This is a soft flexible slip-on design measuring 7 1/2" (201 mm) inside circumference.
See more macrame in the square knot bracelets section of the Etsy shop
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March 20, 2011

BASIC turks head knot adjustable rope bracelets

Adjustable to make a perfect fit...this is the BASIC line of rope bracelets offered in a variety of colors. In the photo to the left you can see the end of the cord used to weave the bracelet. These loose ends are intentional and allow you to work the extra slack out of the knot to reduce the size to a more comfortable fit. All of these are shipped with illustrated instructions showing how to make this adjustment. The knot tying is all figured out. The final size adjustment is all yours.

After working out the extra slack the remaining cord can be trimmed off. To keep the ends from coming undone You can use some dental floss to sew the ends together.

A recent buyer suggested that after working up the bracelet to the final fit   with the ends trimmed off you turn the bracelet inside-out to hide the cut off ends. 

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

March 19, 2011

white nylon cuff bracelet 441

White 1/8" nylon braided cord is used to build these super wide cuffs. The weave pattern is a 13 x 19 x 2 double diamond. The nylon does not shrink like cotton but does absorb some water so it take a set after a few months of wear. This example is 7 1/2" (191 mm) inside circumference and 2 1/4" (59 mm) wide.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

March 18, 2011

stormy seas ahead new collection of handmade items on Etsy

Fanciness of fanciness vintage  assembled this collection of handmade items with a turquoise blue color theme and a keen eye for detail. My favorites are the  OOAK Turquoise Porcelain Sea Urchin Bud Vase made right here in the creative capital of the upper midwest by blueroompottery. This artist has thing about clay - and it shows. Visit Marietta Theodorou-LeMieux shop and see for yourself. The other item of note is Bookish Crane Mobile which captures the spirit of ocean going birds in a delicate elegant assembly.

The featured item is the green-blue turks head knot sailor bracelet which is listed as a large size but can be ordered in medium and small sizes at no additional cost. See other mixed color combinations here.

March 17, 2011

white macrame toggle bracelet with monkey fist knot 1203

 Macrame (square knot) toggle bracelet made with 2.3 mm white nylon cord. This is a classic square knot pattern made with a single piece of cord. First a 3 x 3 x 3 monkey fist knot is made in the center of the cord and firmed up. The remaining cord is double looped and the knotting pattern begins at the base of the monkey fist. The ends are stitched to prevent unraveling. Finished size is 7 3/8" (186 mm).
The loop ends are designed to pass through the space between the monkey fist and the start of the braid, then loop back over the monkey fist. This makes the closure more secure and allows easy removal.

Find a collection of these square knot bracelets available here 
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March 16, 2011

Hot Dry Midwestern Summer Night collection on Etsy

March in Minnesota is anything but hot and dry so this speculatively labeled collection is a nice fast forward to the summer season. Hot Dry Midwestern Summer Night curated by TaviaSanza contains two images of cats (Blackberry and Backed in), a mysterious photo of a girl on a sofa, and a very graphic photo of towels. There's underwear here too.

Add to this featured item beaded 3 button desert sunset cuff bracelet and you have a recipe for heat even if it is March. This bracelet is one of the design )strata( series all unique handmade bracelets made from up-cycled had dyed cord, beads, buttons and nylon thread. See more of these in the design section on Etsy, ArFire or Zibbet.

March 14, 2011

Primarily Stripes collection on Etsy

There's a ton o' fun in this new collection Primarily Stripes by lilyjune on Etsy.

Of course there is a Zebra but you will find a handsome Stockholm Navy bag and Barber Shoppe Soap as well. The soap looks like candy or maybe icing on a cake. I'm guessing it tastes like...soap.

The featured item is the white & grey turks head knot rope bracelet which is a popular color combination. This subtle blend can go from casual to formal with ease.

March 13, 2011

A Little Taste of Spring collection on Etsy

This collection A Little Taste Of Spring is like a colorful easter basket of goodies. Assembled by firfairy from (mostly) friendship bracelet designers with a few other happy items thrown in.

My favorites are the jamie- sherbet pastel beanie by milarosedesigns which has such a wonderful compelling photograph and the Beaded Flower Cuff Kandi made by AcrossTheStreet  which is as bright as the sun and simple as spring.

The featured item in this collection is the bright yellow and green turks head knot sailor bracelet made from 100% synthetic non-shrinking integrally colored cord. 

Grey is my favorite color collection on Etsy

Grey is my favorite color collection put together by artbymagic has a very disciplined selection of grey colored items. I am a fine artist (painting) specializing in modern art in all sizes. This year I have created a lot of mini-art. The pieces I create range from 3 inches to 6 feet in size. My art products are always changing through experimentation and curiosity, and I think that is how it should be. I offer a very large and diverse body of work. Something I make today may not be what I'll make tomorrow. 
Two of my interesting picks are the Elephant Silhouettes fabric and Three Rotund Seconds (porcelain bottles) both remind me of scandinavian design sensibilities although the creators come from Australia and the bay area respectively.
The featured item in this collection is white & grey turks head knot sailor bracelet size medium which is simple three part design made with 3 mm hand dyed cotton cord. 

March 12, 2011

Glow-in-the-dark turks head knot rope bracelet 288

A while back I had a request from someone who wanted a real glow-in-the-dark bracelet. I ordered some extra cord which as you can see from the photos will hold a nice greenish color when the lights go out.

The glow cord is combined with a blue nylon braided cord to make a smaller size (7 3/8" or 187 mm) circumference bracelet. This one is worked up to a very firm condition so no stretch!

Available here 

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

Blue monster has got me - a collection on Etsy

The Blue Monster Has Got Me is actually a collection of blue craft items on Etsy put together by firfairy a.k.a. Alyssia. Born and raised in San Pedro, California. Loves friendship bracelets, and plastic lanyards (gimp, scoubidou, boondoggle, whatever you call them). My favorite hobbies are making friendship bracelets, making lanyards, drawing, and doing other crafts. I am studying to become a doctor. My favorite colors are purple and green! Colors is big in my life. :-)

My favorite items are Day at the Beach - original petite painting by reneeanne and the Mason Jar Solar Lights by treasureagain.

The featured item is teal square knot macrame rope bracelet with zip pull closure made from hand dyed cotton cord. The unique closure system means you don't have to try and tie a knot with one hand!

Solemn Shores collection on Etsy

Solemn Shores a collection of nautical and ocean themed items by FlamingJuneVintage on Etsy handmade marketplace. Flaming June Vintage is a proud Member of the Etsy Vintage Team.

One of the items in this collection White Origami Koi Pond made by MABONAORIGAMI  (Sipho Mabona) from Luzern Switzerland  is especially intriguing. Another is the Black Sea (original drawing) by workweak out of Boston Mass.

The featured item is white three part rope bracelet. This is the "original" design that is very simple and popular. This one is hand made from 100% twisted cotton cord in the traditional style.

March 11, 2011

Anchors Away! collection on Etsy

Here's a nautical themed collection Anchors Away! by JamesCastle. Check out the shop titled "another mans treasure" i love thrifting, bin-sifting, yard saling, flea market shopping, and treasure hunting. i am thrilled to discover, in the midst of a heap of so-called junk, a vintage treasure with a story to tell. i collect things that look interesting and unique to me and i am pleased to share some of my finds with you here.

Two of my favorite items from this collection are the Antique Porthole and the Dinghy Ruby Shorts. Contrasts in style and function.

The featured item is white woven sailor knot rope bracelet made from cotton braided cord. Larger and smaller sizes can be special ordered.

March 10, 2011

Square sennit braid flexible bangles 131 144 145

This is a re-post of some work in sennit braiding. (click here to see original post ) Three examples are shown here the smaller of the three at left. The bracelet is made from eight interwoven strands starting with a four part grommet. The direction reverses and then there are four interweaves. The reverse loop is positioned under the bead which terminates the knot.

This is the "large" size about 8 5/8" (218 mm) 
The material is a high strength dacron/nylon mix used by sailmakers to make leech tensioning lines.
And the "larger" size about 10" (254 mm). As you can see they all are about the same (colored beads are different on each) Size is controlled by how many bights are made in the grommet and can vary from just a few to a huge number. Think napkin ring all the way up to hatband size.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

March 9, 2011

Business Day With Herringbone collection on Etsy

Here's a different take on the idea of collections curated by dmtgun3 Herringbone patterns are everywhere in this subtle assembly of grays and whites.

My picks are the Blank Book and the Fraulein Pillow Cover both of which convey a convincing claim to design function.

The white turks head rope bracelet is one of the classic whites collection and has been a popular choice for many customers. This one is a medium size but of course you can order a small or a large as you wish.

Green collection on Etsy

This very special collection is curated by MiamiMadeIt who's shop is filled with Shopping totes, wallets, gloves, bottle bags, lanyards, bunnies,...among other things. 
I like the Dandelion Print 5x5 and the Through The Rabbit Hole photograph as these capture the spirit of springtime even as the snow piles up here in Minneapolis.
The green turks head knot sailor bracelet featured here is shown in a "medium" size and can be ordered in both small and large versions.

March 8, 2011

traditional five part rope bracelet design - small size 1198

Made with a smaller diameter cord this is one of the most popular weave designs in the online venues. As you can see this bracelet is a smaller size (on advice from one of my favorite customers!) and will fit younger teens quite nicely. Color is natural white. Ends are secured by stitching just like all the items in my shops, and the size measures just 7" (178 mm) inside circumference.
Available here

Design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

March 6, 2011

two button day-night beaded fiber cuff bracelet 1205

 One side is white and green with a row of light glass beads in the center. The other side is black and purple with a row of cobalt beads. These meet in the center where the cords overlap with a layer of green glass beads. A pair of green plastic buttons secures the toggle loops.

Here the milky white glass beads can be seen on the back. The dark night in front. About 7 1/2" (191 mm) inside circumference when closed.

Cotton floss binds the overlapping edge, green beads are hidden in the depths. One of the unique design )strata( series cord fiber bracelets made from up cycled cord scraps and found beads.

This item is available here.
design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

March 4, 2011

Grey and white two button cuff 1200

 Subtle colors of a windswept beach. The sand filtering in among the dune grass. The sky and water alternating between light grey and Atlantic ocean green. A tangle of material partially embedded in the wet sand.

Two button secure the loops which are offset across the bias. The size is medium-small only 7 1/4" (184 mm) inside circumference. 
 Construction is cotton cords laid up around a mold and compressed with super-strong nylon thread. Texture is cotton-soft.
The biased tensioning creates a dynamic shape.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

March 1, 2011

red cord fabric double toggle cuff bracelet w beads 1199

 This is a double monkey fist knot and loop closure cuff in bright colors. The cords are a mix of hand dyed cotton and synthetics. There are three different textures: the smooth cotton Darice cord that are the red, orange, blue and yellow colors; the cotton cable cord which is the yellow and purple color; braided synthetics colors electric green and light blue.
The monkey fists are tied in a pair and the cord is wrapped around to form the toggle loops. The entire structure is "post tensioned" with nylon thread which stretches then compresses the cords and makes a stiff shell our of the cord forming a fabric. Three glass beads accent the piece.

Size is a "small" measuring 7 1/4" (184 mm) circumference.
This design is similar to a number of other design )strata( bracelets like this double button cuff and this three button cuff and this double toggle beaded cuff  although these designs use buttons and large beads as toggles.

All these are unique designs which share similar details.
design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop